sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control

The Bioemitter Environment

The knowledge base supporting the development of the Bioemitter Farming System spans not only recent technological advances but also age old wisdoms and understandings of the planet and its biological systems.

It is now generally appreciated that all substance is made up of packets of energy, the vibrational nature of which predicates form and function.

Every substance has its own peculiar and particular nature and hence its own unique vibrational rate and signature.

It is now possible to detect and determine enough of this signature to be able to address and interact with any organism, substance or system, and therefore by extension any virus, bacteria, protozoa and so on.

With the understanding we have developed we can, by using relatively simple means, either enhance or deplete aspects of biological systems  in a highly specific and precise manner.

Natural biological systems are benign and naturally cleansing and life enhancing. Thus in a toxin free organic farm set up with perfect nutrition and welfare you would have little or no disease at any time.

Commercial farmers now choosing to work with the Bioemitter Farming System are taking a significant step to introduce  and mimic natural, more optimal biological conditions. By using this combined biological and energetic mode of approach as developed by Auraengus Kenchington, they are creating more natural sub-molecular structures and vibratory states on the farm.

Using these methods can reduce most, if not all of the stressful and potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and disease conditions that can emerge in even a well designed and run commercial operation of animal husbandry.

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