sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control
Hen head on


The system offered has three main components to support your egg production.

1. Consultancy
2. Bioemitters
3. Feather analysis and Vibrational Essences

1. Consultancy – There will be an initial analysis and survey of your farm, with an emphasis on the environment, water quality, feed, subtle energetic influences and disease factors. These will be written up in a report by our consultants and an action plan agreed with you, with goals and deadlines to correct the issues uncovered.

After installation there will be visits every two months or so to reassess the farm, the health of the birds and progress. A report will be written by our consultants and amendments to the action plan agreed with you.

2. Bioemitters will be installed in the sheds to be balancing and harmonising the environment, deterring red mite and other parasites and disease organisms, on a predetermined schedule every day.

In addition the Bioemitter signal is programmed to enhance the immune system of the birds, and to deactivate and eliminate the disease organisms already infecting the birds.

A water enhancer bioemitter will be fitted on the incoming water supply to treat the water making it more bioavailable and also to carry additional specific codes and frequencies as required by the flock to maintain optimum health.

3. Feathers are used as a biofeedback both automatically through adding to a well in the water enhancer and also by sending to us for analysis and preparation of specific Vibrational Essences (water based) to address all discovered disease vectors.

These essences will be supplied (at no extra cost) for administration through the header tank as necessary.

Contact Auraengus on +44 (0)131 20 848 20 and Mike Haslem on 07747002184

Bioemitters Ltd, The Lodge, Lindsaylands East, Biggar Scotland ML12 6NR