sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control

My name is Auraengus Kenchington and for the last twenty five years or so I have been passionately pursuing a career in human health, and later, additionally in crop, animal, bird and fish health and welfare. Trained as a classical homeopath, but swiftly moving to the cutting edge of that discipline, always in pursuit of that which works. I have gained a deep and broad understanding of life and that which impacts upon it and the remedial actions necessary to return to optimum health, whether fish, fowl or human.
A chemical and drug free sustainable food chain is essential for the survival of life on earth. I have dedicated my efforts to achieve that understanding and aim.

Contact Auraengus on +44 (0)131 20 848 20 and Mike Haslem on 07747002184

Bioemitters Ltd, The Lodge, Lindsaylands East, Biggar Scotland ML12 6NR