sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control


The contract is initially a commitment for the first 6 months payable in advance to cover the initial energetic and physical assessments, surveys, reports  and the installation of the bioemitter system.

Thereafter rental is payable in 12 equal instalments on the 1st of each calendar month.

Cancellation of contract is with one months notice by either side at anytime after the initial six months.

All equipment is supplied on a pure rental basis remaining the property of Bioemitters Ltd at all times.

There is no maintenance requirement on the farmer other than reporting progress and any damage or malfunction.

Specimen Contract Available Here

Contact Auraengus on +44 (0)131 20 848 20 and Mike Haslem on 07747002184

Bioemitters Ltd, The Lodge, Lindsaylands East, Biggar Scotland ML12 6NR