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Energy Signatures

It is widely accepted that the world and universe we live in is extremely complex and defies simple explanation. All living things depend on energy and communication systems within their constituent components to allow them to operate in a balanced and harmonious manner. Each of these components has its own particular identity or electromagnetic signature, with the signature of the whole organism being predicated on how the components are assembled and relate to each other.

Everything in the universe, every being, every plant, mineral, animal, poultry, fish or bacteria have their own electromagnetic signatures created by a mass of vibrating frequencies. Each has its own different and unique signatures that are most easily likened to its DNA and is equivalent to a unique name in verbal or written language.

As humans, some can sense these signatures but for most it is only done sub-consciously. Those with the most highly developed sensitivity can distinguish different energy signature patterns consciously, without reference to the normal senses. This can also be related to the powers of natural healers who can detect and treat disturbances or disorders in energy fields of the human body through different techniques.

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