sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control

Practically Speaking

Bioemitters hanging in shed
Bioemitters hanging in shed above nest boxes

Practically speaking the Bioemitter technology is housed in waterproof plastic tubes about 2 to 3m long and powered by rechargeable batteries or powered from mains or other supply. They are hung in the houses usually above the flock.

The Bioemitter creates energetically (ie at a sub molecular level) structures and conditions (energy fields) to reduce the negative impacts on the crop or animals (such as stress) and enhance the natural life-enhancing systems present in the environment.

The Bioemitters that hang in the houses are programmed specifically for the environmental and flock issues and potential disease vectors on the farm.

One addition to the above is a Water Enhancer unit to treat the incoming water on the farm, programmed to detoxify and make the water more palatable and biologically available to the flock. This water enhancement unit also doubles as a biofeedback treatment unit, directly imprinting programmed intended curative patterns and frequencies into the drinking water.

Bioemitter in 2000 layer organic house
Bioemitter in 2000 layer organic house

The Bioemitter programmes are locally and remotely up-datable and are done so utilising feather or other samples taken from the flock, feed and environment.

It is exciting to appreciate that this innovative technology represents a new and improved paradigm for environment enhancement and disease control producing health and improved welfare.

Through extended use of the Bioemitter Farming System on a farm, coupled with good nutrition, conditions and husbandry it is now possible to virtually or indeed totally eliminate the necessity for toxic drug and chemistry intervention for disease and parasite control.

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