sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control


This blog is to introduce you to the benefits and methods of using vibrational treatments for poultry flocks as opposed to chemical and drug based therapies. This  blog will draw on my and others experience of using vibrational and homeopathic treatments delivered to commercial flocks of all sizes, and widely different types of housing over the last 12 years.

The vibrational essences can be delivered in a water base, through the drinking water system, or individually by spray ( most convenient for very small flocks or treating small numbers of sick birds). But primarily the specifically required vibrational essences are delivered to the environment and the birds by a safe low level radio frequency carrier wave emitted by Bioemitters hanging in the sheds.

I have found overwhelmingly, if all husbandry is good and the site is not affected by poor water or a toxic environment, that the birds health is significantly improved over the entire lifespan of the flock, resulting in higher quality and quantity of egg production.

red mite
Red Mite

Most significant for the poultry farmer perhaps, as well as the obvious economic benefits, is the control of the red mite population in the house. Red mite numbers are reduced to a level where they do not bother the birds in any way – or indeed the farmer and other workers when in the shed. All without use of dust, drugs, sprays and chemical treatments. With no effort or labour required from the farmer.

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