sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control

Population Control

Population numbers and health are directly related to the environment they are operating in. If you change that environment in any way you directly affect all the populations of birds, animals, bacteria, viruses and so on living in that environment.

Lets take an extreme example,  a relatively clean outhouse and consider the population of bluebottles – around or next to zero at any given time. Change that environment by placing a dead animal carcass in the outhouse and what happens, in a short space of time the bluebottle population rockets to unbelievable proportions. As the decaying food stuff supporting that population declines at some point the bluebottles will disappear.

In poultry farming and egg production we are responsible for the environment of the flock. All disease issues one way or another we are creating ourselves.

Look after the environment and the health of the flock will take care of itself.

rainforestIn nature there is all most infinite diversity which creates a buffer to balance the environment, pristine rain forest sits in equilibrium, in health.

In egg production we have virtually none of that diversity to allow any sort of balance in the environment. In a shed just what do we have ? Artificial light, plastics, metal, emfs, dirt, dust, faeces, various cleaning and medical chemicals, the air, food and water, and the bird population. A toxic breeding ground for pests and disease in short.

If the birds can get out then things have obviously improved for them but we are a long way from the previously mentioned health giving biodiverse environment. Monoculture has reigned in agriculture for too long.

The bioemitter farming system is designed in part to introduce the bioenergetic signatures of a balanced and harmonious diverse environment into the flocks sheds and enclosures. Creating an opportunity for the flock to flourish and disease populations to decline.