sustainable chemical free egg production with great red mite control

Paradise Farm

“You would be foolish if you keep poultry not to use the bioemitters system, not only for the red mite but also for the other savings in vets bills and drugs”.

“If the birds are showing signs of something I just took a feather sample and put it in the emitter or got a nosode from the feather sample made up and they recovered. Time and time again the bioemitters have proved their worth keeping the flocks healthy and in good production”

“I have been using the bioemitters and the vibrational remedies for about 15-20 years, and they are the best form of red mite and disease control I have found in that time”.
“As a test I would switch the bioemitters from one shed to the other and watch as the red mite built up in the untreated shed and be eliminated from the treated shed”.
Steve in organic hen house
Steve in organic hen house

“Within hours I could see the red mite colonies moving away from the emitter after being switched on”.

“There is no maintenance required other than checking and recharging the battery, running costs other than the fixed rental were absolutely negligible”.
“The birds have never been happier or more healthy than with the bioemitters, egg production and quality would improve with the bioemitters being installed”.
“As a de stressor, you could see the birds calm down with the emitters or with the addition of vibrational remedies into the drinking water – and I have had some very highly strung flocks to test it on”.
“I totally recommend the bioemitters to all poultry farmers, whether rearing, breeding or egg production. There is no better way of keeping your birds in the peak of health and production and maximising your efforts, productivity and profits. The absence of disease cuts the vets bills down to next to nothing and the absence of red mite makes working in the sheds a pleasure not a misery”.
Steve, Paradise Farm, Thirsk, N Yorks
It is with sadness that we learnt that Steve has recently died in a farm accident. Our condolences to his family.

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